The idea of the professional who bridges both research and practice has been largely overlooked and at times even disregarded by the academic and administrative structures that govern activity in higher education today. In international higher education, the number of students who now engage in mobility and exchange has expanded globally, along with the administrative cadre that manages all facets of internationalization, and the quickly growing scholarly attention to understanding the phenomenon. In this process, two distinct professional categories have emerged: those who ‘study it’ and those who ‘do it’ – the scholars and the practitioners. Practitioners are seen as those who manage the daily logistical flow of students and personnel around the globe, while scholars are seen as those who conduct research, collect and analyze data, and publish findings to inform, improve, and justify the activity. Yet this dichotomy is overly simplistic, outdated, and excludes the large and growing class of hybrid scholar-practitioners who now engage regularly in both kinds of activity.
It is this rapidly growing population of bridge builders that are profiled and discussed in this book through critical essays on the notion of the scholar-practitioner and its implication for the further development of international higher education. The chapters include detailed analyses from university faculty, senior international officers and other high-level administrators, directors of research centers, key leaders from influential professional associations and private organizations, managers of study abroad and exchange, and graduate students. This book launches a much-needed dialogue about the perception and reality, potential and promise, of the scholar-practitioner in higher education today. It will be of relevance to a wide variety of readers, from those within universities and organizations to those who are outside observers of higher education.
Contents and Authors
Hans de Wit Foreword
Bernhard Streitwieser & Anthony C. Ogden International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: bridging research and practice
Bernhard Streitwieser & Anthony C. Ogden Heralding the Scholar-Practitioner in International Higher Education
John K. Hudzik Internationalization Practitioners and Scholarship: dichotomies and crosswalks
John D. Heyl The Emergence of the Scholar-Practitioner Identity in International Education: a 25-year review
David Comp A Historical Overview of International Education Scholarship and the Role of the Scholar-Practitioner
Donna Scarboro The Benefits and Limits of Scholarship and Self-expression among International Education Professionals
Giselda Beaudin & Louis Berends The Education Abroad Practitioner as Transdisciplinary Scholar
David B. Austell Scholar-Practitioners and the ISSS Professional
Mandy Reinig The Small/One-person Office: the challenge of being both practitioner and scholar
Rosalind Latiner Raby Studying Community Colleges: administrator, practitioner and scholar voices promoting international education
Brian Whalen The Scholar-Practitioner’s Role in Advancing Education Abroad Quality Assurance
Bruce La Brack The Interplay and Co-evolution of Theory and Practice in Preparing Students for International Education Experiences: a retrospective analysis
Elizabeth Brewer Lessons from a Late-blooming International Education Scholar-Practitioner for Combining Practice with Scholarship
Richard Slimbach Deschooling International Education: toward an alternative paradigm of practice
Michael Woolf An Unholy Trinity: conservative dynamics and the scholar-practitioner
Gregory Light Blind Spots, Troublesome Narratives and Arrested Fields: towards the scholar-practitioner
Jane Edwards The Scholar-Practitioner and Translating Research into Working Practice
Darla K. Deardorff Key Theoretical Frameworks Guiding the Scholar-Practitioner in International Education
Taylor C. Woodman & Katherine N. Punteney Graduate Education in Context: preparing scholar-practitioners as future international education leaders
Tamar Breslauer A Librarian’s Lens: thoughts for scholar-practitioners
Fiona Hunter & Laura E. Rumbley Exploring a Possible Future for the Scholar-Practitioner
All contributors Pathways of the Scholar-Practitioner
2016 paperback 340 pages £39.00
ISBN 978-1-873927-77-9
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Disclaimer:  I have a chapter in this book and I receive no profit from the publication or sales of this book.

IHEC ad for IEI Conference 2016

GPI sidebarBack in November 2015 I posted here to IHEC Blog supporting the Global Pro Institute which was a new comprehensive professional development and training program for aspiring international education professionals and that I had signed up to be an affiliate.

Well, my wonderful colleague Brooke Roberts has just launched the second Global Pro Institute for Spring 2016 and based off of feedback from alumni of the Fall 2015 Global Pro Institute there are two options for you to choose from this spring if you are interested.

GPI Foundations – This is a self-study, self-guided version of the program. You’ll get full access to all of the video lessons and materials for each of the six Foundations modules. On top of that, you’ll be able to download all the PDF Workbooks, checklists, and calendars associated with each module. This is a GREAT option for anyone who just wants the content and doesn’t feel they need the community, weekly/monthly coaching, master classes, etc.

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Here’s everything included in the Mastery (Full Program) experience:

  • Complete 6-module Foundations curriculum designed to help you gain an insider’s perspective of the field, grow your network, develop your personal brand, and rock your job search
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Brooke will also be offering some free training this week if you are interested

I’m a big fan of Brooke and I fully support what she is doing to help new international education professionals as they enter and navigate the field.  If you are interested in learning more you can link to the Global Pro Institute through my affiliate link here.

International Higher Education Consulting is an official sponsor of the 2016 International Educators of Illinois (IEI) Conference being held March 23-24, 2016. I was added as a late presenter to the panel talking about “The Power of Habit in International Education” and I’ll be presenting with Sara McGuinn of Northwestern University (session Chair) and Derek Shouba of Morton College.

I will be attending the conference all day as well as the evening reception on Thursday, March 24th but won’t be attending/presenting at a workshop on Wednesday, March 23rd as I will be giving a talk at Morton College that day to faculty and other key stakeholders on globalizing the curriculum and syllabus.  However, I do plan to attend the informal reception scheduled in the evening on Wednesday, March 23rd.  If you are attending the IEI conference I do hope our paths cross!

You can view the conference program below to view my presentation description (page 21) and sponsorship advertisement (page 11).

Globalizing the Curriculum and Syllabus at Morton College, Spring 2016

GW Higher Ed. in Europe Course FB post

The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development , Higher Education Administration Program

IHEC Blogging in Door CountyRemembering one of my summer 2015 work stations on the shores of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin where I began work on my ‘A Historical Overview of International Education Scholarship and the Role of the Scholar–Practitioner‘ chapter for the forthcoming book “International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: Bridging Research and Practice”.  Soon I’ll begin work on a new book chapter that I will co-write with two other colleagues (unable to disclose chapter title or focus of book at this time) but I won’t have as nice of an “office” this time around!

That IHEC Blog post on the computer screen is about and includes photos of my thirteen year old daughter heading off on her twelve day service learning trip to Ecuador last August!